Beautiful Sunday in February!

Another great flying morning. Just the thing to do before our predicted high winds.

Maiden flight: Eric and his second-hand Freewing F-86
Club President, Eric Reinhart (still standing) after his maiden jet flight which was also a maiden for his F-86. Yes, his knees were shaking! However, after this first flight Eric went on to 3 more, each one smoother than the preceding. Eric’s 4th flight provided a near perfect, alpha nose, scale landing. Congratulations Eric, well done!

Best minds in the business work on Terry's trainer.

Dave S. (Thanks for the music!) and Eric assisted Terry with getting his trainer prepared and in the air! A few minutes of teamwork and Terry was up and flying.



The glider guys take it easy while practicing their art.
Pauly and Worth enjoying their adrenaline rush? (or napping?) as they pilot sail planes. Regardless, the gentle breeze provided lift enough for some substantial stick time. Sail planes are an enjoyable way to invest a pilot’s Sunday morning.

Between weather and members traveling, working (yes, even the retired have important works), doctoring, or recuperating, winter flying is routinely less active. However, pilots still assure time to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”, for themselves and others. Thanks to all.

Let’s look forward to warmer weather and a weekend when most all Golden Eagles come out to enjoy the company and cut holes in the air.

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