‘nother Nice Day at the Thrift Store!

Two kits out the door for $18.98
Two kits out the door for $18.98

‘nother Nice Day at the Thrift Store!

I try to hit the Goodwill Store two or three times a week. I was in there YESTERDAY and did not see these two kits.
TODAY: there they were!

Two complete kits at a great price!

I found a flat place inside the store where I could be seen opening the box on the Gentle Lady kit, just to see if it looked like it was all there… and Wow!… unmolested… it looks to be a NIB kit! Instruction booklet in a plastic bag… a strip of that fiberglass they use for wing reinforcement… all there.

Looks to be New in the Box... NIB!

… the OTHER kit, too… NIB

Looks to all New in the Box!

I was not looking for these two models.. not even an idea in the back of my mind… but… I am starting to get inspired!

I know that GENTLE LADY will fly beautifully… and I should prob’ly chat with YOU guys to find out what size of electric system to add to it.

Just an image I saw online…

That crazy LAZY BEE SPECIAL, the 40-inch wingspan edition, looks like a hoot! … Do I want to build it? … SURE, why not! I think I saw on the box that it has 10 sq-feet of wing… could that be true? That gives me a lot of graphic space!

ANYWAY… keep your eyes open at the Thrift Store!


— Eric


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