‘nother Nice Day of Flyin’ 12-9-18


Beautiful day for flyin' as Dave puts on a show!
Beautiful day! … CLICK picture for the large image.

Plenty of activity at the field on this frozen-cold morning!

Busy little aerodrome this morning... fun flying and fun visiting!

I got there a little late this morning… about 8:30! … Tables were frozen with a sheet of ice on each… a couple of fellows were already flyin’ when I got there. Soon, Lee and Kathy showed-up with a box of doughnuts (love those apple-fritters!)… others arrived… it became a party!

I didn’t get away until about 11:45… the wind was coming up; starting to blow. Being the only nitro-flyer out there… it took me awhile to clean-up-and-load-up… so I was the last one out the door… had to lock the gate, myself!

The wind was coming up... time to go home.

A beautiful day… a fun day… See you at the field!


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