President’s Message… July 15, 2018

President’s Message… July 15, 2018

It is time for a 6th month “State of our Club” report to members. Yes, a month overdue but a pleasure to write.

Every single one of you has benefited the club, and hopefully, everyone single one of you has received a club benefit (a smile, a good flight, a visit among friends, assistance or consolation, etc.). Members have and continue to contribute imagination, labor, money, and most importantly, willingness to build a club open to all, a true benefit to the community. The magic is: It is fun to fly, fun to share our skills, fun to learn new skills, fun to remember times past and imagine the future. As a result of your participation (in any form) the Golden Eagles RC Club has a great flying field, increasing community support, and, an increasing number of people wishing to learn or re-learn RC flying.

Tony G. is indirectly responsible for what I call Mini Mustang Sprints because he flew and modified his red Tower Hobbies FMS RxR electric foamie P51 (costs about $120) and others soon followed. I believe 8 members now own one of these agile little P51s. Several times a week the pilots put on an interesting show for those observing… the flyers experience a rush of adrenalin and everyone has fun.

Worth, Pauly, Dan, and Shawn established the “Bald Eagle Soaring Club” (“Bald” eagles, now we know why they always wear hats). Our organizational chart needs to be amended to accommodate this active group of members who are already talking about sponsoring a Soaring Competition.

We are doing more Demo flights, however, we have not yet mastered the camera, camera angle, and goggle experience. Boyd and Tony have both flown camera goggle planes and after having experienced a goggled flight I admit, it’s a treat in the goggle seat.

Eric and Karen via the web site and Facebook have done an excellent job of representing and presenting our club, our people, and our fun. All of which has really enhanced our ability to communicate our club and values to the community. Thanks and keep up the good works.

Our property owner, known to all as Lou, continues to enjoy our improvement in field set up and membership growth. Have a visit with him when you next see him at the field; he has some great story telling skills, and he enjoys watching flyers whether novice or experienced.

Your Golden Eagles is Kingman’s largest and most dynamic RC flying Club. The other day, in less than 3 hours we experienced mini Mustang Sprints, sail planes, sports flyers, jets, serious fast pylon planes and traditional drones. The experience was so pleasurable I (pretty much) just sat there and drank my coffee and enjoyed a great show.

In summary, we expect to have 2 or 3 more events this year and we expect membership and community development to continue expanding. Please express your ideas for improvement because Club plans are derived from the members… and as members, we need only to continue being, and having, FUN.

Thanks to all. See you at the field soon!

Jon Wilson

– – –