Big Score at Thrift Store…

A flight box… Loaded!

A thrift store find... an old flight box with drawers full!
A thrift store find… an old flight box with drawers full! … $14.95

ANOTHER score at the Goodwill Store… an old flight box with drawers full! … $14.95

… Someone seems to have donated a bit of model airplane paraphernalia to the Goodwill Store… I spoke to another shopper who was eyeing my potential purchase, here, who said he bought two nitro motors at this shop earlier in the week… an O.S. and a K&B @ $19 each… This fellow was not a flyer or, even, an RC hobbyist… he was just looking for things to eBay.  … WHO KNOWS how much MORE RC stuff there may be in the “back room” of that thrift store? … maybe, eventually, it will be dribbled-out onto the retail floor!

… See that hand-crank fuel filler in the above picture? … I own a recent model that says “Six Shooter – Dave Brown Products” on it… THAT one says “Southern RC Products – Six Shooter” … Hmmm, looks just the same as mine.

OS wrenches…

brand new old FOX Idle-bar glow plugs… a couple of OS type-F glow plugs… Score!

And, below… a wind-speed gauge… looking forward to trying it out…

…a mini servo… Futaba extensions… what a Grab-Bag of stuff!

Disposition of the elements…

That wooden box with the drawers and the Six Shooter is up for grabs! … ANYONE who would like to have it, just let me know! … I will have it with me next time I go flying. An “electric guy” could saw-off that fuel-shelf and have a pretty nice flight box.

The glow plugs, wheel collars and packaged Futaba bits may well sell on eBay… recover my $15 purchase price!

The mini-servo, the wind-guage and those wrenches, I will hold on to for awhile.

Don’t know WHAT to do with all of those bottles of tiny screws and nuts… but, man!, there are a lot of pieces in there!

Have fun at the Thrift Store! … Who knows WHAT you might find!