Local Kingman Weather Reporting…

USAirNet.com gives you accurate weather prediction for a short two- or three-day span!USAirNet.com gives you accurate weather prediction for a short two- or three-day span! All kinds of info is there: temps, wind-speed and direction, humidity… and more!

That link, above, is focused on Kingman weather… but if you fiddle with the settings, there, you can find local weather for any airport in the nation, I believe.

Kingman Airport Weather Robot…

I’d love to see that robot looking like “a robot”… but, I am afraid, it looks like a remote weather station unit.

Call that number, day or night, to get at-the-moment weather info: wind-speed, direction, temperature, cloud status, density altitude. (Airport altitude is about 3000 feet… but on warm days, the air is as thin as if at 6000 feet!)

Temps are reported in Degrees Celsius… the only handy facts I know about Celsius is that Zero C equals 32 degrees F… and 28 C equals 82 F … so over 28 C = headed for a hot day!

Over the years, I have found the Robot to be a bit unreliable… like it tells me wind is at 12-knots, so I do not go out to fly… but then flyers report that it was actually a nice, gentle day. I hear that the robot is “talking” about winds-aloft, at altitude… ME? I think it’s just wrong sometimes “:o).


Please let me know what pages YOU recommend as we look for good reporting on our local weather conditions. [email protected]