LiPo Battery Use and Safety…

Today, 3-18-19, I found this webpage:

VERY Important to Know and Learn!

Our fellow club member, Bruno Russo, wrote THIS article about LiPo battery safety:
Li-Po Battery Charging/Handling Mishaps

Our Lee Anderson adds this important note:

I just read the article on LiPo safety.  A very well written article, but one thing I didn’t see mentioned is to never leave LiPo’s sitting in the sun OR in the back of a hot vehicle.  Heat will cause the cell voltage to exceed 4.2 volts per cell and that can lead to a LiPo fire.
— Lee
— in that train of thought: my vehicles DO get hot in the sun… and even my garage gets pretty-darned warm in the summer… and very cold in winter… so I do keep all of my model airplane stuff in the climate-controlled portions of my home. I currently own no electric airplanes and, so, no hobby LiPo batteries, but when I HAVE owned them, the risk of accidental battery fire was always on my mind… felt like keeping a wild lion in a flimsy cage in the back-room.
Be CAREFUL with those batteries: treat them right.
— Eric