We did it: 4th of July on the First! Swap-Meet Day

So… what a day!

I got there just about 7 AM and there were about 8 guys already there… after that, everything is a blur! Every one was busy setting up their areas… I was totally busy with everyone’s preparations as well as my own.

I met a dozen new people today and gave two First Flights on our Aero-Scout trainer. I gave the “IP Student Program” lecture a handful of times and handed out the IP application forms… I handed out three Golden Eagles application forms. I got to chat with Gil Terzo, an AMA District X Associate Vice President who visited us from Las Vegas. His $10 purchase was my only sale today; he bought the skeleton of an old control line model that I had there. Gil was nearby as I gave a newbie the IP, “Instructor Pilot”, lecture including the 90-days free AMA insurance and the idea that he should learn to fly on OUR trainers rather than crashing his own planes. … Gil said I did a great job with that!

I spent the whole time running around like the proverbial chicken… … I hardly had time to look up and see what was going on! I forgot people’s names; I even forgot Bob Thone’s last name: I had to ask him!
At about 10 I fired-up my Blazer and let it idle with the AC on for awhile before I got into it at about 10:20… even then, as I got some time out of the heat, I was fielding questions and answers as I sat in the truck with the window open!

No one got around to the Fun and Games of a “fun fly”. I did see some flying going on but mostly, today was a social gathering with tons of chit-chat. .. Looked like everyone was having a great time.

Last week, Mark Lunde’s little Aero-Scout went in HARD, straight in! Today he was on the market for a new plane and he was able to buy (I think it was Larry Cobb’s) Electric Telemaster ARF as New in the Box, including the brushless motor, for only $50! … What a great score; possibly the best buy of the day!

We had a van-load of items arrive from Boulder City. I don’t know if they sold much but I did see that Paulie bought a Revolver nitro sport plane from them. We also had a group of guys from Bullhead City with a van-load of stuff including large-scale balsa models “in the bones”, ready to finish.

After all had settled-down a bit, like after 11, I put my gasoline-powered Easy Sport 40 together and got in a couple of wild-man flights in the wind…. and even with the wind building and the crowd of newbies crowding together to watch, I made TWO perfect landings! … smooth, man!

We never did get around to an Auction… but we did sell most of the larger items.
Gar bought three of Gerry’s donated 3-S 2200 Smart batteries and an Aero-Scout for $100. Wayne bought an Aero-Scout for $100. Bob Thone bought Gerry’s Sensei for $80 without the radio. I have the radio to put up for sale on another day. It’s a simple Tower “Tactic” (by Futaba) 4-channel radio without memory or exponentials. It’s a great transmitter if you only need simple 4-channel functions. With a receiver included, I’d ask $40 for that radio set.

Our member, Gene Diaz, donated a large gas-powered “Stick” ARF, new in the box, to the club. Dave Pickard bought it for only $100 as the only interested buyer: a super deal!

Gabby and Stan bought a few of Gerry’s 2200mah Smart batteries to the tune of $40… and, finally, the “DONATION” bucket near the doughnuts and water had two five-dollar bills in it.

Grand total intake for the club: $430.00 … I spent only about $20 of petty cash on the event, cutting our total income to $410… and Jim Milner donated two dozen Basha’s doughnuts: the best doughnuts in town! … Thank you, Jim!

What a day! I was the last man out as I locked the gate at just a minute before noon. It was 104 degrees; I was totally worn out! Fun day!

— Eric