Jim Milner: Golden Eagles Photographer at large!

Kingman Golden Eagles photographer Jim Milner

Anyone who flies at our field first thing in the mornings knows Jim Milner… a man of many talents!

Jim recently bought a lasercutter which allows him to cut balsa and plywood and he can do engraving on all kinds of materials including kitchen tiles! … He has a had a vinyl cutter for lettering and custom designs in vinyl for some time… and he has the software and the knowledge to use them! Of course we know that he builds and repairs traditional RC aircraft… and if you keep an eye on him, you’ll see that he often has his camera with him!

Jim has sent me a few folders of digital images and here, below, is just a sample. I confess that I have recropped a few and even overlapped a few.

Great photos, Jim… Thank you so much!

















Awesome, Jim! Thank you.