Geotextile Model Runway installation “Paving” Aux. Field #1 – April 14, 2018

Saturday, 4/14/18, was “All Hands on Deck” Day…
… and we did have plenty of hands!

I took pics with my old digital camera. Karen Smith took plenty of pics with her cell phone… and she took plenty of pics with my old camera, too… so we have a TON of pictures. I went through ALL of them and tossed-out about FIFTY of ’em as being redundant or people’s backsides and such… and I STILL have a TON of photos for you. … CLICK on any image to see the full-size picture… use your BACK button to return to the Gallery.

We started at about 7 AM… and were “done” with this first day of the install by 1:30 PM… 6-1/2 hours… not bad! Good spirits… lots of work… a job well done!

Well done, Golden Eagles! … Great teamwork!