NITRO TRAINER UPDATE: Rick Atkeson enjoys Heavier-than-Foamie experience!

Rick Atkeson experiences heavier-that-foamie flight on the buddy-box with Eric Reinhart!

Rick volunteered to fly my nitro trainer on buddy-box with me, today. We connected the trainer-cable between my modern Futaba 8J radio and the old Futaba Flysport radio that MT Bob supplied me with a few weeks ago…. tested the Trainer Switch and the proper throttle and throw-directions…

We made sure that the buddy-box was properly set-up for the trainer.

… and I made the take-off. I flew a few circuits around the field and then pulled on the Trainer Switch to hand the model over to rick… a perfect hand-off!

At first, Rick was careful to keep altitude and make smooth turns. He soon noticed that this model often needs a little kick of right-rudder to make a smooth right turn… and he did so, no problema! He moved into flying a large, flat figure-eight course around the airfield… again: success. Then he surprised me with a whip-stall and a loop, “I meant to do that… guess I should have

Eric and Rick fly the trainer on the buddy-box.

told you before I did it.” ME? I was firm on that Trainer-switch… we weren’t in trouble yet! I reminded Rick to sing-out if he needed my assistance… and he never did! He flew some steep turns and dives… more loops… practiced some full-throttle climbs and flew some almost stall-speed glides at minimum throttle. I never took control of the trainer until he decided to end the flight… he had flown for over seven or nine minutes, I think.

I landed the trainer… no problem… and then found that I was the one feeling shaky after that buddy-box flight… Rick was fine!

My goal with flying the buddy-box trainer is to let our new electric trainer pilots experience the heft, momentum and noise of a six-pound, heavier-than-foamie nitro aircraft. … Success!

Great flyin’, Rick… glad you had fun. I had fun doing it, too…