APC Props… Available in Many Styles!

APC Props are available in many styles for specialty uses!

You know… “forever” I was buying APC props knowing I was getting a top-quality product. I feel that APC propellers are the best!

While looking for a great prop for my “Decathlon” model, I bought a couple of APC props and was surprised when I noticed the different profiles of the blades. ALSO: the bigger prop, there, is a 14-inch dia. prop… and the hub is WAY thicker than the 13-inch props! That 14″ prop has a hub that’s 0.6″ thick… will not really fit onto my O.S. 65LA… too thick!

So… I went onto the APC Propellers website: https://www.apcprop.com/… and found a great website with a lot of information. The biggest eye-opener to me was the huge number of types of props they offer…

Styles of APC Props

You will want to visit that website and take a look at the props of interest to YOUR specialty!

Warbird Racing props…

Who knew! … Look at those babies… 10″ and 12″ pitch!

Sport and Pattern props…

MOST of the props we Nitro-sport guys will come across are the Sport and Pattern props. You will see that a Sport prop has a more-narrow,”scimitar” shape while a Pattern prop has a more-broad blade.

APC Prop profiles: Pattern VS Sport.

… NOT what we THOUGHT

APC says that the hole and support structure on the BACK of the hub is part of the propeller’s mold master for the prop and so is precisely accurate. But the hole on the FACE of the hub is drilled AFTER the prop is cast and so may not be “PERRRFECT!”. So, if you use a prop-balancer that uses those cones on a threaded rod, The cone that is on the BACK of the hub will seat “precisely” while the cone on the FACE of the hub COULD, maybe, be a tiny-bit deflected from “perfect”. BUT: The BODY of the FACE of the hub is exactly square with the back of the hub… so use the BACK of your cone against the face of the hub… maybe add an exactly-flat washer behind the flat of the cone if you need to…

Balance an APC prop with the front cone flat against the face of the hub.

Plenty more info on that page…

The APC Propellers website has PLENTY of information for you. … Like, check out that link for RPM Limits… there are formulas and example, there, that will give you food for thought… tools for your brain!

I saw that a 10-6 pattern prop has a safe RPM up to 19,000 RPM! The O.S. 46FX on my Hobbico Trainer spins an APC 10×7 at 13,000… so I have plenty of “safety zone” before that prop flies apart!

See also that Technical Support Advisories section. A few of the props offered by APC DO have known issues. These props are safe to use within their design-specs… but could offer… a hazard?… when used outside of the known safety limits. … Fun stuff!


APC Props… The Best!