President’s Message & Invitation to 1st Annual OPENING DAY Event!

President’s Message / Invitation March 24,2019

Saturday, April 6th, 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Celebrating ONE YEAR of flying on our field!
We’ll be serving Hot Coffee and Bakery Goods…
…Don’t miss it!

OPENING DAY CELEBRATION, the club will provide coffee and a variety of muffins and donut type pastries. Bring something to fly, or not, but please bring a lawn chair, Club owned seating is limited. Premium coffee, some eats, friends, and Model Aviation – a great way to start a Saturday!

Today, Sunday-March 24th, was a superb day to fly! Terrific weather! All types of aircraft! Pilots, Support Members, and spouses and children! Observing so much diversity among pilots, and, the people mixing and visiting brings to mind Norman Rockwell, good times and peace in the heart. Thank you Golden Eagles for a great show.

True Value gave us terrific pricing on the construction materials for our Clubhouse and Mohave Truss donated the trusses. If either business enters your life, tell them “Thanks for supporting the Golden Eagles”.

The first RC Clubhouse in Kingman will provide meeting space, storage, and soon to come, charging stations (soon, no more opening your auto hood). The Clubhouse was funded by Rennie and I. Members have begun to commit money to reduce our outlay, Thank you. We would like to see our investment of approximately $4,500 reduced to $1,500 or less. If you believe our Clubhouse will benefit the Club, please help me off-set Rennie’s expenses. It will allow more investments down the line.

The Clubhouse will provide a meeting space of great convenience. As soon as the Clubhouse is completed I’ve recommended the Membership Team hold their first meeting to determine how best to accept applications and turn around a complete and timely “new member packet”. We are going to need them aplenty!

Eric’s camera was busy today so enjoy his photos of your aircraft and friends. Fly safe, and look forward to the Club’s first annual OPENING DAY. FYI, I can assure you that some of our Business Associate Members will stop by to enjoy their generosity first hand. Come enjoy the morning, Saturday, April 6th.

Big turnout on the first, truly Spring day! Kingman Golden Eagles RC Club
Big turnout on the first, truly Spring day!
Large-scale fly-by!
Run-up that engine!
Kingman Golden Eagles RC Social Club!
Look at ALL of those vehicles in the lot… everyone enjoys a beautiful day of RC flyin’!
Enormous thanks to Paul Smith, Zach, Larry... and all who put that Clubhouse together!
Enormous thanks to Paul Smith, Zach, Larry… and all who put that Clubhouse together!
What a group! It was a great morning… I and my Kadet were cruising the skies out there until after 1PM.
EASY does it!! … See you at the field… SATURDAY April 6th!



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  1. It sure looked busy, wish I was there was working on my plane getting it back together after a mishap. Looking forward to April 6th opening day. I will see you all a there.

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