First Annual OPENING DAY EVENT April 6th, 2019

… was real FUN! …

Great photo, Ben! … CLICK image for full-size picture!

The first Saturday of April marked the club’s First Year of flying on our field. A large number of flyers, friends, family and supporters came out to help celebrate the event! … As promised, there was hot coffee, plenty of baked-goods, and plenty of flying and camaraderie on display.

I took a few pictures…

MT-Bob and Pres. Jon are ready to fly Jon’s Vendetta!
Larry wipes-down his racing Spitfire.
Ben and David have to wait for a model to land before they can put on a show!

Dan Ricks took a few pics!

David Duke and his Ultimate Bipe!
Webmaster Eric… just a happy old guy with a couple of his toys.
Jon’s Vendetta racer.
Pauly at a table crowded with his models.
Tim and one of his foam-board electric models.
… a beautiful day!


Touch-down… or take-off??

Rick Atkeson got in a few shots…

Worth with a glider on-high… and Ben keepin’ an eye on it.
Bruno and his tiny electric model… and that larger Ugly-Stik model that is ALSO electric… that’s a FAKE nitro motor on the front of that model!
David D watched the wind-sock as Worth launches his electric glider.
Lee and his amazing EDF jet.
Eric and Tim doing a nitro-trainer flight using the Buddy-Box. We both did well!
Electric Sky Raider.

… and Ben Poole gave me access to HIS online photos… Awesome!

Ben’s crazy foam VTOL 3D flying machine.
Ben, Zach and David D rev-up that large-scale model.
Eric’s 8-year old Kadet takes-off on its 3,847th flight!
Beautiful model, David!
Ben tweaks his VTOL 3D machine.
Beautiful shot, Ben… best photo of the day!

WAIT a minute… How did Ben wind-up in so many of his own pictures??

Well… whatever the answer… they are awesome pics.

Thank you, everyone, for making our celebration a success!

See you at the field!



2 thoughts on “First Annual OPENING DAY EVENT April 6th, 2019”

  1. Thank you to all pic contributors, participants, and Eric for putting the shots to print! Ben and Dave are planning an extension to our flightline so OPENING DAY, April 4, 2020 will surely be even more active. It was a great day, very little damage and lots of smiles. RC camaraderie at it’s best.

  2. Yes it was a very good turn out , I was more than glad to take pictures using Eric’s camera had lots of fun. Glad I was able to get Eric’s pic in for him.

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