Jack-2 Solos “back into flying like riding a bicycle!”

Jack-2 Carter makes his solo flight on Friday, 12/14/18!

Jack (the younger) Carter… aka Jack-2… made his solo flight on Friday, Dec. 14, 2018. He began learning to fly RC in the late ’80’s… flew a Goldberg “Senior Falcon” and also a Goldberg “Falcon 56”. “crashed that Falcon 56”, Goldberg Senior Falcon... Crashed!he recalled… and his dad said “crashed that Senior, too!” They let the hobby drop, back then… until now! (Editor’s Note: You don’t crash a Falcon… that’d be like crashing a Kadet: You’d have to WORK at crashing it!)

Jack-2 started training with Shawn and Jon just a couple of months ago… October. Being a man of few words, I asked him, “did it all come back to you… like never forgetting how to ride a bicycle?”…

I always try to show you an image of that poor abused aircraft… that “Air Warrior”… that was used/abused in the training “process” … but…
Jack-2’s Carbon Cub looks none-the-worse for the experience: like “new!”

Jack's Carbon Cub still looks "new"!

Jack-2 points out “there IS some damage… right back there on the rudder from when the model got blown off the table.” … THAT DOESN’T COUNT! He has no “battle damage” from re-learning to fly on his Carbon Cub!

Congrats Jon and Shawn… graduating a new pilot… and

Congratulations, Jack-2!