Rich Painted his Carbon Cub “D-Day!”

Carbon Cub gets a new paint job! ,... D-Day colors!

Rich Caringi smiles for the camera with his newly painted Carbon Cub.
That man knows how to “smile!” for the camera. CHEEEEESE!

Rich Caringi wanted to separate his Carbon Cub from the others at the field… “a trainer, no more!” … Now it’s part of the Allied invasion of Europe!

Rich said he might have been “a bit worried about adding weight to the little model with all that paint… but it flew nice… no worries!”

Wow… Looks great… Nice job, Rich!


4 thoughts on “Rich Painted his Carbon Cub “D-Day!””

  1. Rich, Terrific paint job and scale markings. Foam guys…..have no fear of recoloring and just like that you have a new plane. Hours of labor, the challenge of another maiden, and perfection. Rich’s pride in his WWII Cub is truly justified.

  2. Awesome work Richi you will not pick up the wrong plane with that paint job.. see you soon at the fld…

  3. Most everyone with Cubs are like silver and yellow I have a red and white one and now yours looks fantastic with its new paint job, schedule of juniors maybe it will inspire others including myself to do a little paint job on ours.

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