… a spectacular year for Kingman’s Golden Eagles RC Club! Phenomenal growth to near 50 members and by far the largest local AMA club, near daily meetings along the flight line, many new pilots, more than a dozen new business supporters and almost 100% membership renewal before January 1st! 
Plans to encourage new people into flying RC are under consideration. Among them; one Saturday each month – airfield open house with free coffee and our usual hospitality and flight entertainment, put Golden Eagles contact info labels on Model Aviation magazines and leave them in strategic locations, wear club logo apparel when shopping or doctoring, holding neighborhood fly events, and more. If you have an idea which is fairly easy and enjoyable to implement, please, let us hear your concept.
Rotor aircraft pilots have plans for a rotor aircraft fly base and a drone race course. Right now we all share air space but as rotors and FPV grows, separate air space will be beneficial to all. Also in the works, a multi club fly in, a pylon race and club house/training/storage space.
Diversity among our pilots really attracts and holds attention! Large smoke, little Hawkeyes, racers, acrobatics, trainers, gliders and near gliders (Eric’s Kadet), electrics, glows, gasoline, choppers, drones, FPV and Demo flights for visitors. People love it all and return for repeat shows or to learn to pilot RC aircraft!
Golden Eagles community based philosophy, open membership for everyone having interest in model aviation, has proven successful and is especially attractive within the business community. Thank you to every Member for your participation and every Business Associate for your support.
Pick up your 2019 Member card at the field. They are stored in my truck (no clubhouse yet) and my Dodge knows to go flying whenever the weather permits. If you cannot make it to the field by January 15th, your member card will be mailed to you. 
Some are ready for a few days warmer than Kingman so give thought to going to Quartzsite. If not, consider the Tucson pylon race later in February. Going to another AMA Club fly site is enjoyable and can be really helpful to you and our club. Club karma is created by pilots and supporters, member and visitor enjoyment is enhanced by the facility so go check out some other properties in our region. It is enlightening.  
QUARTZSITE FLY-IN, February 8 and 9. Rennie and I, and Lee and Kathy have already booked RV sites in Quartzsite for their annual event and those without RVs can over night in a motel. The Quartzsite airfield is city built and from reports and photos looks to be very nice. Give some thought to flying for a day or two where it will be warmer and meet fellow RC pilots from all over the western states. We hope to see you there.
In closing, make every flight a show for yourself, make yourself proud of your skills, and most importantly, fly safe. Remember, it is not how many aircraft you collect but how well you fly the aircraft you pilot. Have a great 2019!!
— Jon