Keep an eye on Maintenance… watch for broken parts!

When I got home from flyin’ on Sunday, I noticed that the aileron servo-mounting plate on my trainer’s wing was loose… One wood screw seemed to be all that was holding it in! The four screws were still there but they had pulled-out of the balsa wing covering.

Noticed that the aileron servo mount was loose!

Anyone who has seen my flying this trainer knows that I am fairly merciless with it… I toss it around in high wind and attempt every trick in the book to pull that rubber-banded wing loose while at full throttle with my over-sized engine screaming! … A loose aileron servo might just be the END of it, one of these days… so glad I SAW it before I crashed the plane!

No glue and only a couple of wood screws through the edge of the balsa lip.

I found the wing’s covering still intact below the servo mounting plate … there’d been no wood-to-wood contact and in fact, looks like no GLUE, at all. Wood-screws had been holding the plywood plate to the balsa lip of the hole, there.

I peeled-back the covering and allowed wood-to-wood CA glue joint.

I peeled-back the old covering from the glue area and used thick CA and ZAP kicker to glue the plywood to the balsa wing covering… and put the wood-screws back into the plywood.

I am the third owner of this old ARF and had no hand in the original build…. and so I don’t know what went into the building of it. … but I have enjoyed owning it and I DO fly it like crazy! … I hope nothing ELSE gives-way!

INSPECT your models, from time to time… who knows WHAT you might find!

— Eric