President’s Message: Let’s go cheering loudly into 2022!

The Club’s incorporation is now complete…

We are the Kingman Golden Eagles RC Club, Inc. … an Arizona non-profit corporation. This status makes us a legal entity, not just a group of guys. The Golden Eagles can work with the community and our sponsors as a “business”, as the corporation. We are able to accept donations and bequests… we are able to MAKE donations (with the approval of our voting members) to the local projects and entities we support. … becomng an Arizona non-profit corporation is the first step towards our making an application to becoming a Federally recognized non-profit corporation able to receive tax-deductible donations and contributions. But, first things first, let’s get-in some experience in AZ before taking-on the World!

This year’s elected Board Members are the Corporate Officers…

  • President: Eric Reinhart
  • Vice President: David Duke
  • Treasurer: Wayne Perkins
  • Secretary: Ben Poole
  • Safety Officer: Harold Marshall

YOU GUYS are ready for take-off… Good luck and clear skies!

Last month I was thumbing through the latest AMA magazine and I skimmed through that article that outlines the traits of successful RC flying clubs… The author made five points and his descriptions were as if he was talking about the Golden Eagles RC Club…

1. We promote flying to all visitors. When a new face arrives at the field, we “jump on ’em” to let them know about us, know about the hobby, and we make an attempt to get them to fly our trainers… they are not relegated to “the bench.”

2. Our club meets at the field and we are there to FLY. All members are welcome to fly their models… any flying model from tiny foamie to huge gasser… 3-D to glider… we just enjoy flying and watching others fly. Our “Peanut Gallery” is always in full voice… ready to ROAST you… upbeat and positive!

3. Assistance. Our members enjoy sharing what they know with newbies and RC veterans, alike. We do not push our newbies into buying more than they need. The article notes how an Apprentice comes with the perfect radio for that aircraft. No need to push the owner into a more complicated radio when he won’t NEED such a radio for months… let him grow into the hobby at his own pace.

4. The article talks about how some clubs are always pushing the less experienced pilots into more expensive radios and higher-performance aircraft. WE do it right: we enjoy watching and helping when needed… we enjoy seeing each of us pilots develop into whatever we are becoming… know what I mean… no pressure… universal acceptance for each pilot’s skill growth.

5. No pressure is applied to our pilots to “conform” with a particular type of RC flying. Around our field, it’s “fly what you want to in the way you want to.” … Flying at our field is comfortable and fun.

Winner- Winner – Winner. … our natural instincts form a successful RC club.

Let’s go cheering loudly into 2022!

See you at the field!

— Eric