May 9th, 2020… A great day! 3rd Shade-structure installed!

Wow… things happened fast!

We had a strong crew out there, this morning, to install that third Shade Structure…

MT Bob put in a lot of effort to GET this unit for us … He drove to Bullhead city to order it a Lowe’s Home Center… found out it was in-stock… drove back to Kingman, switched vehicles and drove his pick-up back to Bullhead to pick it up… parked his loaded truck in his driveway for a couple of days and then he delivered it to the field, this morning… THANK YOU, Bob… wow… thank you.

So, as per the volunteers, Paul Smith, Dan Ricks, Gar Bradley, and Pauly Forsyth showed-up, ready to work… and they were helped by Lloyd Eggstaff and even little Harley, Jack Carter Sr.’s grandchild, who was driving screws with an impact drill like she knew what she was doin’!… And of course MT Bob was there to keep everyone in line… I saw Jon Wilson and David Duke out there… and David Schoeneman… and, of course, I was there to eat the doughnuts somebody brought: SOMEONE had to do THAT.

Crew installed the third shade structure!
Great job, guys… They had it whipped into shape before it was 11 AM… Shawn and MT Bob had discussed the installation and the plans to buy more roof-panels so as to bridge the gap between the new shade and the existing one… not happening, yet… but they are thinking about it.

A Shade-Sail is up!

I had thought they were all “gonners!”… great to have the shade over there!

Jon and Gar and MT Bob installed the remaining Shade-Sail on the northern end of the pit area.
Jon and Gar and MT Bob installed the remaining Shade-Sail on the northern end of the pit area. Wonderful, guys!

About ready to Solo!

Terry Henson was out there with his Tower 40 Trainer. He has been flying it from the Buddy-Box with me on the transmitter for several weeks, now… and he is getting more steady and more confident… he made two smooth (OK, one smooth and one a little-bouncy) landings today… he is “getting there”… He already flies “the pattern” and “the eight” pretty well… enjoys flying in the Kingman wind… and surprises me with a loop, once in a while… and now he is into buzzing down the length of the runway at 30-feet as a prelude to smooth landings… most impressive… good job today, Terry!

Good goin’ Terry!

… and never give up…

David Duke says he bought that RC Pilot Station “simulator” about seventeen years ago for about $2200… !

… and it was, of course, set-up to fly 72Mhz RC aircraft. … David is in the middle of tuning-it up so as to fly modern 2.4Ghz aircraft… and it seems to be not as easy as it looks! He said that when it was new it had a nice polished-wood dashboard and a professional “finish” to it… and he hopes to revitalize it into that shape, again.

LOOKS like he could, maybe, mow the grass with it… or, maybe, it just needs a few quad-rotors on the corners and he could fly-away in that thing! Go, man, go!


Fun bunch of guys!

— Eric