The Kingman Golden Eagles RC Club held a “GLIDER DAY” on Saturday 10/24/20

The Kingman Golden Eagles RC Club held a "GLIDER DAY" on Saturday 10/24/20

“GLIDER DAY”: Saturday 10/24/20

Glider Day... CLICK to see the full size image!
Glider Day… CLICK to see the full size image!

See that LARGE image… a great group!

MANY of those red, white, and blue VISTA GRANDE electric gliders! On the far right is Pauly hiding behind Bruno… and Jon Wilson, masked-up, standing behind Worth… and that’s ME, Eric, holding that red and white “old-timer” as I stand behind “Mr. Excitement”, Rick… and that’s our new “Safety Guy”, Harold Marshall (all masked-up for safety), in the back row center, with that green and white glider.

Our V.P. David Duke ran the Pilot’s Meeting to describe the safe operation of our Glider Day event. We had a big turn-out so a bit of organization was essential!

I directed air-traffic as we launched the gliders “one after another” rather than “all at once” in a mass launch… we figured we saved a few crashes by going up one at a time! … and after the main batch was “away!” Worth set his electric “Seniorita” on the runway, ready for take-off.

… and then, finally, I got to send-up my new “old timer” model. Pauly helped me to launch it… it flew great!

Hot Dogs on the barbie… 

Several of us pitched-in to make the hot dogs “happen”! … Sure, they were leftovers from the Hot Dog Day two weeks ago…. but Hey! They’re packed with preservatives and they freeze well… it all worked great!

Our Jim Milner took over the cooking duties while the pilots jockeyed their gliders into the wind. Jim did well… but I think he had an attitude!


Father and son…

BOTH have been flying “forever”!

This big fellow, Bob, was a visitor for the event. He normally flies with the Fort Mohave and Bullhead guys. He got to launch a glider and helped-out as a spotter… Thanks, Bob! Great to have you out there.


The best minds in the Business!

Bruno, Ken, and Ed are all veteran RC modelers… but these new “open source” programmable radios require a lot of concentration!